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Paeloko Learning Center, a Native Hawaiian education center providing hands-on learning opportunities through indigenous ancestral arts, culture, and language to the Maui community and all those interested in learning.

Māui and Paeloko

There is a story that Māui, the son of Hina, uses the resources of the Paeloko area to slow down the sun for the benefit of Maui's community.

Māui is asked by his mother, HIna, to slow down the sun so she may dry her kapa (bark cloth).  He travels to Paeloko and gathers coconut from the coconut grove located there.  He then prepares, in great quantities, the fibers from the coconut husks and makes strong rope.  He travels to the summit of Haleakalā and lassos the sun and slows down its movement.  Thus, his mother Hina and the other women of the community would have more daylight to dry their kapa.

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